Beijing’s new coronovirus outbreak not linked to Norwegian salmon: Oslo

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Oslo: Norway said on Wednesday that the country’s salmon were not the cause of the recently discovered outbreak of new coronaviruses in Beijing, as many Chinese restaurants and retailers stopped selling imported salmon.

Norwegian salmon came under scrutiny in China after a recently discovered new coronavirus case cluster surfaced in Xinjiang’s Shinfadi Meat Market in Beijing and a chopping board used to cut imported salmon.

“The issue is being resolved,” said Minister of Fisheries Odd Emil Ingibrigatsson, quoted by TDN Finance.

“We are working out the details today and I can confirm that the problem has been resolved,” Ingebrigtsen said.

Ingebrigtsen said Chinese and Norwegian officials met on Tuesday and concluded that Norwegian salmon were unlikely to be the source of the virus found in the Beijing market last week.

At least 137 people have been infected in the Chinese capital since last week, a resurgence of infection that has closed many neighborhoods and canceled more than a thousand flights.

Beijing Daily reported on Saturday that major supermarket chains including Wumart and Carrefour removed all salmon stocks, but the supply of other products would not be affected.

According to AFP correspondents, some restaurants in Beijing were serving no salmon last weekend.

Contacted by AFP, the Chinese embassy in Oslo did not immediately offer any comment.

China, considered a very promising market by industry, imported about 23,500 tonnes of Norwegian salmon last year.

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