Opponents of Hong Kong’s leader security law say “people’s enemies”

Carrie Lam was speaking a year after Hong Kong’s biggest performance. (File)


Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam on Tuesday urged Beijing’s opponents to implement the national security law in the financial hub, who attempted that they were “the enemy of the people”.

Beijing announced plans in Hong Kong last month to bring legislation to combat secularism, sabotage, terrorism and foreign interference.

Critics see this as the most serious threat to the “one country, two systems” formula, when the former British colony returned to Chinese rule in 1997, aiming to ensure its independence and role as a global financial center .

The Chinese government and Lam’s Beijing-backed city administration say the law will not curb freedom but will target a small number of “firefighters” and help bring stability after one year of anti-government protests.

Lam cited the law before a cabinet meeting, saying, “I urge opponents who still use normal tactics and smear to stop the work because doing so would make them enemies of the Hong Kong people.” Go. “

“The vast majority want to restore stability, and have security, satisfaction and employment.”

Lam was speaking a year after Hong Kong’s biggest demonstration, when, according to organizers, about 2 million people marched against another bill the city wanted to introduce that would have allowed extradition to mainland China.

Critics saw that bill as a threat to judicial independence and although it was later withdrawn, protests became widespread in a campaign for greater democracy and conflict with the police intensified.

This year, outbreaks of coronovirus reduced protests, but they have resumed since Beijing announced plans for a security law.

The details have not been announced, but it has been widely criticized, not only by democracy activists, but also by diplomats, lawyers, and business leaders, who also fear it may destroy rights and freedoms.

Lam also said that the government was considering restriction restrictions aimed at preventing coronaviruses, but it was unlikely that they would be eliminated altogether.

Hong Kong’s borders are almost completely closed and the group is limited to eight people, although life is returning to normal.

The rules have helped limit the number of demonstrations, with police citing coronoviruses in rejecting applications for rallies.

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